If there’s one thing that every real estate professional looks for when searching for a broker, it's a support system.
He/ She needs to know they will be placed in a position that will help them succeed. That includes access to the necessary resources and support systems. Brokers aren’t just there to provide sponsorship but to support their agents as well. At BMR, that’s exactly what we aim to accomplish. Whether you’re located in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, or Georgia, BMR is here to help its agent in every sense of the word. From providing hands-on training to assisting with lead acquisition, our agents know who to turn to when they are in need of a helping hand.

Check out some of the ways Belle Maison Realty supports its agents.

Access to Multiple Listing – One of the best things about Belle Maison Realty is that we are not only delegated to one state. BMR is proud to announce that we have access to MLS in a variety of areas in NY, as well as PA, GA, and CT. As an agent, you will be provided with listings based on your area of interest.

Training – Our hands-on training program will show you everything you’ll need for success in the real estate industry. From finding leads to the art of selling, allow our experienced professionals to walk you the basics and complexities of real estate in order to increase productivity.

Advertising Support – Our goal is not solely to assist you internally but externally as well. Our marketing department will utilize various advertising channels in order to establish your brand while generating leads in the process. If you’re having an issue with promotion, turn to BMR.

Advertising support includes:

  • Your Own Personal Website*
  • Social Media Set-up & Management*
  • Appointment Setting*
  • Business Cards
  • Direct mail

Marketing Tools – In addition to our advertising support, BMR will also provide you with the proper marketing tools to successfully increase your number of clients and sales figures. That includes everything from guides and documents that can be used to obtain further insight into selling, to analytic tools that can be used to discover new opportunities.

GeoData Plus Subscription* – BMR will provide you with a GeoData Plus subscription for half the price. This real estate-based platform can be used to retrieve detailed property reports, sales comparisons, foreclosures, mortgages, and more.

Commercial Division – At Belle Maison Realty, we have the ability to connect you with commercial real estate properties through the help of our affiliate Josman Properties. For additional information, be sure to visit today or speak with a BMR manager!

Short Sale Division – In the event that your client(s) are interested in Short Sale, BMR can assist you with the help of our affiliate Rocklyn Services. For additional information, be sure to visit today or speak with a BMR manager!

Phone Patch-In – As an agent, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the road and out of the office. Fortunately, BMR makes your life easier by patching your calls for you, allowing you to control the influx of prospective clients attempting to contact you. This adds a level of organization and professionalism that is rarely possessed by mobile agents.

Direct Deposit – Don’t worry about driving all the way to the office every time you have to pick up a check. With our direct deposit system, your commission checks will immediately transfer into your account, making your funds available that day. This allows you to conduct business as you usually would.

Promotion via Website – Belle Maison Realty is proud to tell everyone just how astounding our agents are. In addition to getting your own personal profile, we will also promote your attributes and experience on as well.

Personal Profile – Wouldn’t it be nice if prospective clients could learn everything they need to know about you from one place? Fortunately, BMR provides you with your own personal profile, which allows you to display your experience, background, and why you’re the right agent for the job.

Advice & Assistance – In the event that you ever have a question for us, don’t hesitate to ask. As long as you are a member of the BMR team, we will continue to provide you with sound advice and guidance as you venture into the real estate market.

Office Space – Want to stop by the office a few days a week to get some work done? BMR provides its agents with a desk space, free of charge, for when they are in the office. Desk space includes a computer with internet access, a phone, as well as a printer and fax machine. Note: Common office space is free of charge. Personalized office will require an additional fee.

E&O Insurance – Typically, agents are required obtain and pay for E&O (Error & Omission) insurance when partnering with a brokerage. With BMR, you will receive E&O insurance coverage, free of charge, removing yet another expense and providing more opportunities for financial growth.

Team Partnerships – Belle Maison Realty allow its agents to partner with more experienced team members in order to promote synergy throughout the organization and provide support and knowledge to help strengthen their skills.

Exclusive Lead Generation – BMR puts a focus on lead generation with the intention of providing them to our agents. That means any leads generated by Belle Maison Realty will directly be delivered to our agents. Your success is our main priority.

Listing Rights – You work hard to develop your listings when working with Belle Maison Realty. Because of this, you have exclusive rights to all and any listings you develop during your time with BMR. Even if you leave, your listings belong to you.

Agent Chat – What if you need to speak to a BMR specialist immediately? Fortunately, our agent chat system allows to communicate with a specialist from anywhere with an internet connection.
Note: * May Include Additional Fees

Appointment Center – Never miss another appointment again! Belle Maison Realty’s appointment center will assist you with scheduling your listing appointments in addition to providing you with reminders. Your clients can also call into the appointment center to provide feedback, helping to strengthen your skills.

Foreclosing Listing Company Membership – Members of the BMR team will be provided with access and a membership to one of the top Foreclosing Listing Companies. As an added bonus, this platform will also allow you to receive listing appointments.

Monthly Real Estate Training – BMR provides its agents with monthly online real estate training, which includes a step-by-step guide on how to effectively sell real estate properties. Also included in our monthly training, is a “Home Sellers Guide” and other marketing materials.

Access to Receptionists & Other Support Staff – When things begin to feel too hectic, turn to our receptionists and other support staff to help you manage the day to day tasks and accomplish daily objectives.

Internet Advertising – Looking for additional exposure? Fortunately, BMR provides you with extra promotion in the form of internet advertising. Once you’ve obtained a listing, it will automatically become posted to various websites throughout the internet.

Customized BMR “OPEN HOUSE” Signs – As a show of appreciation for our agents, BMR provides them with customized “OPEN HOUSE” signs. You are provided with up to five signs per house free of charge. Each sign has a value of up to $50.

Agents Referrals – BMR offers wonderful referral programs for all its agents.

Partnership Opportunities – It should be noted that all BMR branch offices welcome partnership opportunities in all states.

Important Note: No desk, no administrative, or franchise fees for payouts that range from 50% to 75%

Allow us to provide you with everything you’ll need for success in the real estate industry.