New Agents Support

New Agents Support

Providing the Stepping Stone

At BMR, one of our primary goals is to attract the best talent around.
It is because of this that we offer benefits and advantages to our new agents that cannot be found elsewhere. A new agent needs to know that they are being cared for and supported in order to ensure they maintain a high level of productivity. BMR is all about growth, which is displayed effortlessly through our New Agent Support System. We provide new agents with the necessary stepping stone to develop into experienced individuals in the form of useful resources. Our hands-on training gives our new agents the support they need while simultaneously promoting a sense of self-sufficiency.

Commission Structure & Assistance

New agents deserve to feel like impactful members of the BMR family. In order to show our dedication to new agent satisfaction, we are proud to offer 50% Commission to all new agents on transactions. Many organizations believe that because they are putting more time and resources into their new agents, they are entitled to less. At BMR, we do not share this belief. In addition to all the training, support, and resources we provide to our new agents, offering 50% commission also shows that we value them, as well as their potential for success. If you’re looking to begin your career in real estate, there is no better reason to join BMR than continued support and a commission structure with your best interest in mind.

Opportunities For Growth

There can be no success without growth. BMR promotes the natural growth and development of its agents. As much as we’re looking to attract the most experienced individuals, we also aim to develop agents from within the establishment. All of the resources and support we provide our new agents are done with the goal of growing them into experienced real estate professionals. BMR is proud to state that we have promoted new agents to experienced agents in as short as one to three years or after 12 sales transactions. Furthermore, after 24 sales transactions, an agent becomes an expert within the BMR structure. At this point, they are able to elect the option of the 90% Commission per transaction. This opportunity for growth is what makes BMR so unique and why you should join us today!

Allow us to provide you with everything you’ll need for success in the real estate industry.