Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

If there’s one thing to expect from BMR, it’s professionalism.
All of our real estate professionals are experienced individuals, each of them bringing years of specialized expertise. In addition to our staff, there is no resource you will be without. We support our agents to the highest degree, offering a plethora of benefits. No matter what state you decide to operate within, BMR is guaranteed to assist you as you find success in the real estate industry.

We provides our Experienced Professionals With:

15 MLS Platforms Over 4 States: Belle Maison provides its experienced professionals with access to a total of 15 MLS listings covering the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Georgia.

90% Commission: Depending on your location, as well as your experience, you have to potential to earn up to 90% commission on transactions. A sign of appreciation on behalf of BMR.

Support Staff: Even experienced individuals require support every now and then. Fortunately, BMR comes with a team of professionals to support you at moment’s notice.

Numerous Branch Offices: It’s always nice to have to place to regroup before or after a long day’s work. BMR has branch offices in all four states of operations where agents can go to receive support, guidance, etc.

Professional Training: Does your sales pitch need a little reworking? BMR provides professional sales training on a frequent basis to spruce up your technique that is guaranteed to enhance your output.

Office Space: Enjoy spending time in the office. BMR is proud to announce that it provides its agents with desk space, free of charge, including a computer, the internet, fax machine, printer, and phone usage.

Easy-Going Atmosphere: Working in real estate can be a stressful job. That’s why BMR tries its hardest to provide agents with a friendly and easy-going atmosphere whenever they are in office.

Allow us to provide you with everything you’ll need for success in the real estate industry.