About Us


The Experience:

As we previously stated, Belle Maison Realty has been around for over 13 years and counting. During this time, we have acquired the skills, experience, and resources that make us such an effective real estate company. We’ve learned what to do and not do when interacting with buyers, sellers, and managing properties. Thanks to our experience in the real estate industry, we can pass our knowledge onto our team in order to develop better, more self-sufficient agents.

The Resources:

Since the founding of BMR in 2004, we have garnered a multitude of resources to assist your efforts. That includes multiple listings, research reports, client information, and more. By joining BMR, you will be provided with a diverse set of listings, increasing the likelihood of making highly-valued transactions. In the event that you need assistance or guidance, our brokers are here to lend a hand – giving you the insight necessary for building your network and making sound decisions.

The Commission:

At BMR, we’re all about attracting the best talent around. We believe that happy agents lead to happy customers and a successful company. That is why Belle Maison Realty is proud to announce that we are one of the highest paying commission companies in the industry. With low transaction and administrative fees, in addition to high commission rates, you have the opportunity to earn a lot more money than you would with a franchise or another brokerage. Your happiness is our number one priority. Allow us to show you first hand.

The Support:

When it comes to the amount of support BMR provides its agents, it cannot be rivaled. Due to our high commission structure and allowing our agents to work from home or on-the-go, we promote a level of self-sufficiency that many real estate companies do not. Despite working from home, we continue to provide them with the same support as if they were in the office. That includes patching clients through to their mobile phone numbers, emailing them any faxes they may receive, and posting their profile on our website along with their properties. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of support and self-sufficiency then BMR may be the place for you.


We provide our agents with high-end technology. Our proprietary platform (The Hub) enables our agents to dynamically add and remove listings that syndicate to over 85 portals. The Hub can also be utilized as a sell funnel for leads, transactions history reports, etc. We also utilize third-party platforms such Microsoft 365 and Outlook to completely enable our agents to work remotely.

Commission & Fees – How Does It Work?

Administrative Fee:

A monthly payment required in order to gain sponsorship and access to MLS listings.

Transaction Fee:

A predetermined fee that is paid to the brokerage by the agent after every transaction.

Franchise Fee:

A fee that is paid by the agent when joining a franchised brokerage. (Note: BMR is not a Franchise)


The percentage made off of every transaction that is split between the agent and brokerage.

What Separates BMR from Traditional Real Estate Companies and Franchises?

Traditional Commission Rates: 60/40 vs BMR Commission Rates: 90/10 – 100%

Example A:

Generic Real Estate Company

  • You receive a commission check for $10,000
  • Your 60/40 Commission nets you $6,000
  • 4 transactions for the year put you at $24,000

Note: $24,000 does not include additional franchise, administrative, and desk fees as well as E&O insurance if applicable

Example B:

Belle Maison Realty

  • You receive a commission check for $10,000
  • Your 90/10 Commission nets you $9,000
  • 4 transactions for the year puts you at $36,000

Note: $36,000 does not include monthly administration fees.

Note: Commission rates, transaction fees, and administrative fees vary based on experience, location, etc. Visit our various territories to learn about our specific rates and fees.

Allow us to provide you with everything you’ll need for success in the real estate industry.